Our Supported Projects

Sandals Foundation has implemented and supported projects and initiatives that support the development of the local communities, the enhancement of educational programmes and preservation of the environment within Jamaica.

Great Shape Dental Eye Care Program

Provision of oral health and eye care services for local schools and rural community members from healthcare professionals

Marine Sanctuaries

Establishment and support for creation of protected marine areas and education of students and fishermen about the importance of marine life

Construction & upgrades to local schools

Supporting educational initiatives and the learning environment in local schools by upgrading the infrastructures, teacher training and donation of learning tools


Our Programs & Projects


Flanker peace & Justice Centre

The Sandals Foundation works in the inner city community of Flanker with approximately 300 students who use the Justice Centre each month. The Afterschool Care and Extended Support (ACES) Programme was introduced by Sandals Foundation to ensure a safe, structured environment in which at-risk youth from the community can benefit from dedicated counselling and mentorship, guided support with their school work and assignments and participation in supervised afternoon activities which encourage positive social behaviour.

The Sandals/Flanker Training and Recruitment Tier program has provided jobs and scholarships; hosted health fairs and promoted literacy enhancement.


Marine sanctuaries

The Sandals Foundation in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, fully operates and manages two marine sanctuaries in Jamaica, the Boscobel and Whitehouse Marine Sanctuary.

The Marine Sanctuaries help to improve fish stock in the decreasing Jamaican Fisheries, as well as educate about the value of marine life preservation and the livelihoods of local fishermen.

The Boscobel Sanctuary has been fully operational since May 2013 with a 333% increase in fish biomass in 2015. The Whitehouse Marine Sanctuary has been fully operational since May 2015.


Project Sprout

The Sandals Foundation has embarked on an early stimulation project entitled Project Sprout. The Project was created in response to the need for early interventions at the basic level of the education system that will prevent or remediate inadequate student readiness.

Through targeted interventions, teacher quality and effectiveness improves, parenting skills are strengthened and school-based activities are engaged at the home, enhancing the learning environment. Sprout targets students ages 3-5 years and is active in 5 schools: Leanora Morris Basic, Culloden ECI, Seville Golden Pre-School, King’s Primary, Moneague Teachers College Basic School.