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Using the power of hope and love to transform communities and improve lives

In its simplest form, to inspire is defined as the action or power of moving intellect or emotions. We, the Sandals Foundation, believe that the action of inspiring hope is a force that can move mountains.

The Sandals Foundation is a non-profit organization launched in March 2009 to help Sandals Resorts International continue to make a difference in the Caribbean. All costs associated with administration and management is supported by Sandals International so that 100% of every dollar donated goes directly towards funding impactful and meaningful initiatives within the key areas of Education, Community and Environment.

Our promise


Empower Lives

We create and endorse initiatives that engage and inspire people through skills training, sports, health initiatives which help to tackle complex social issues head-on to strengthen communities.


Encourage Dreams

We provide both children and adults with essential tools such as scholarships, supplies, technology, literacy programmes, mentorship and teach training to help them reach their full potential.


Cultivate Tomorrow

We promise to raise environmental awareness, develop effective conservation practices and teach future generations how to care for their communities to our precious Islands and their resources.

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All donations go to Project funding

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  • jamaica|
  • community|
  • November 2022
Constellation Brands Joins Sandals Foundation in Raising Funds to Support Caribbean Youth Charting Course in Hospitality Training

MONTEGO BAY, Jamaica, November 10, 2022 - The only thing better than a glass of wine to top off a special celebration is the knowledge that every sip is also helping to make a meaningful difference in the lives of vulnerable young people. 

That’s exactly what’s being done through guests at the luxury- inclusive Sandals and Beaches Resorts as its philanthropic arm – Sandals Foundation has partnered with the resorts’ 5-Star Global Gourmet Food & Beverage department and international beverage alcohol company – Constellation Brands to raise just over US $17,000 to support hospitality training across the Caribbean.

Through two special Robert Mondavi Private Selection wine offerings on the resort’s late Chairman’s Wine List, the partnership has been able to raise an impressive US $8,500. And on Thursday, November 10, with a small contingent of Constellation Brands executives visiting Sandals Montego Bay Resort, the company proudly announced its decision to match the raised funds, allowing for even more to be done.

Speaking at the handover ceremony, Corporate Director, Food & Beverage at Sandals Resorts International, Ricky DuQuesnay says, “As couples at our resorts share their love with a taste of the exquisite Robert Mondavi Private Selection Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon wines, we are extremely pleased that we have been able to raise funds to strengthen our support of livelihood training and opportunities for young people in underserved communities.” 

Noting the impact of training and education in changing he lives of vulnerable youth, Executive Director at Sandals Foundation, Heidi Clarke said, “Vocational studies, for many young people stand as the only means through which they can chart a new path from their underserved or violent communities and create a better life for themselves. We are grateful to our food and beverage team on resorts and Constellation Brands that have made it possible for us to continue to support programmes that create employment not only within our resorts but in any space across the hospitality industry.”

"Giving back to the communities in which we live and work has been part of our company values and culture since Marvin Sands founded Constellation in 1945," says Jose "Pepe" Hermosillo, General Director LATAC / M&A Integration Lead. Sandals Foundation shares this same philosophy and we're proud to partner with them to make an even bigger impact by matching the funds raised. We're excited to be working together to provide opportunities for professional growth in our local communities."

Established in 2009, the Sandals Foundation uses the power of its tourism network to positively transform lives through the core areas of education, community and the environment.

With 100% of donated funds going directly to the implementation of programs, monies raised will enable the philanthropic group to continue to outfit hospitality schools and departments in Jamaica, Grenada, Turks and Caicos, Barbados, The Bahamas and more with the equipment and resources needed to train and certify the next generation of hospitality providers. 

  • grenada|
  • environment|
  • November 2022
Grenada Community-Led Coral Restoration Project

The Sandals Foundation has collaborated with the Grenada Coral Reef Foundation to provide artificial reef equipment and supplies while also training community members in coral gardening and restoration.

With roughly half of the island's population living within the coastal zone and relying heavily on its marine and coastal environment, the marine and coastal resources, coral reef, seagrass beds, wetlands, beaches, and fisheries, serve as an essential economic engine, supporting jobs, income, and overall economic prosperity.

However, because anthropogenic stressors, primarily pollution, overharvesting of resources, and coastal development, have degraded Grenada's coastal and marine ecosystems, the reefs are more vulnerable to chronic stresses and the future effects of climate change. It also puts coastal communities at risk because coral reefs provide ecosystem services such as coastal protection, livelihood, and food security.

BIOROCK structures and coral trees are being installed as part of the community-led coral restoration project, as well as biweekly in-water coral gardening and PADI SCUBA diving sessions for people in the parish of St. Mark's. BIOROCK structures have proven to be extremely effective in restoring reefs around the world, and the project aims to assist Grenada in strengthening its vulnerable reefs in order to protect the lives and livelihoods of communities that rely on the health of the marine environment.

School and community awareness activities will also be carried out to support the overall health of the region's marine resources.

  • turks & caicos|
  • community|
  • November 2022
Sandals Foundation, BTC & Great Shape! Generate Historic 1,500 Smiles

In an historic run, Sandals Foundation, Beaches Turks and Caicos and Great Shape! Inc, has served some 1,500 Islanders with state of the art free dental care in its recently concluded clinic - 1000 Smiles.

This is the second year the programme is being implemented in the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI), with the numbers indicating growing support and trust of the initiative facilitated by the philanthropic arm of Sandals Resorts International, the Sandals Foundation, as it seeks to support the islands’ dental health care services.

From October 10 to 21, a dental volunteer mission team of 92 practicing professionals provided cleaning, filling, extractions, sealants and oral health education to residents of South Caicos, Grand Turk, and Providenciales.

While visiting the site at the Jericho Baptist church in Providenciales, Minister of Health and Human Services the Hon Jamell Robinson shared his satisfaction with the work noting, “As the Minister of Health, to see firsthand the quality of work being executed is an amazing feeling. Being able to see residents of TCI getting quality dental care being provided by professionals who have committed themselves to volunteering is what makes this initiative more meaningful.”

“The continued relationship between Sandals Foundation, Beaches Turks and Caicos and the government of the TCI augurs well for the development of the people of these islands. With this event that served our people for two weeks, more than 1,500 residents were impacted including adults and students at our primary and secondary schools,” Robinson added.

General Manager of Beaches Turks and Caicos James McAnally shared, “We are humbled by the numbers of persons that came out this year. As a resort, we value partnerships and through the Great Shape! Inc.’s healthcare partnership, together we have created history with the highest number of clients being served in any one visit to a region. We are proud to have been involved in creating brighter and healthier smiles for the residents of these beautiful islands.”

Resident of Lower Blight in Providenciales, Gregory Simpson, his wife and four children received dental services commended the mission team for their professionalism noting, “To be able to have received the quality dental care that I was able to receive along with my family is amazing. The atmosphere was safe and comfortable for all to receive the best dental care that anyone could ask for. The dental surgeon was patient and very professional and they all made us feel comfortable as they were patient with especially the children and the advice that they shared after everything was done.”

In explaining the approach of the volunteers, Founding Executive Director of Great Shape! Inc., Joseph Wright said, "Some people come in with fear and are a little bit scared to get stuff done, but, as we talk through the procedure, explain what we're doing, and why we're doing it, we are able to build the trust of patients who develop a sense of ease."

Meanwhile, more than 2,000 students from Enid Capron Primary, Ianthe Pratt Primary, Oseta Jolly Primary, Thelma Lightbourne Primary, Long Bay High and Clement Howell High Schools also benefited from dental care education through a school tour which was also executed over the two weeks period. Students and teachers were reminded about the importance of proper brushing, flossing and oral care by members of the Great Shape! Team during interactive sessions at the educational institutions.

Principal of the Enid Capron Primary school, Sophia Garland said, “We welcome the initiative as the sessions were dynamic, educational and children-friendly. The students were able to interact and ask questions which the team were able to answer in a fulsome manner which provided much needed information for the students.”

Ministry of Health's (MOH) Chief Dental Officer Dr Janice Baron expressed appreciation to the Great Shape! outreach noting, “It has established a good example of best practices in the field”.

Great Shape! Inc. is one of the largest dental volunteer missions in the world The dental outreach, which commenced in TCI last year, is made possible with Beaches Resorts providing accommodations and the charitable arm, the Sandals Foundation, spearheading logistics and offsetting the costs for transportation, as well as food and beverage for the clinics.

  • community|
  • October 2022
Making the Caribbean Food Secure

Across the world, food security remains a growing concern. For underserved families in the Caribbean, this is an even greater reality as our islands’ import-dependent economies are susceptible to international food supply-chain challenges. The effects of climate change have also negatively affected traditional farming practices.

As we plan for secure, sustainable futures, the Sandals Foundation is committed to providing the skills and tools to create resilient food supply systems and food forests in local schools and communities ensuring no child or family goes hungry. 

Together we can strengthen the resilience of a region to meet its nutritional needs. By providing key equipment, training and supplies, investing in the increased use of climate smart farming techniques, providing access to and knowledge in advanced farming technology, supporting best practices in water use, waste reduction and greenhouse gas emissions, we can build the resilience of our islands and the families that call this region home.

Join Us.

For more on our food security initiatives, check out blog, From Farm to Fork: Sandals is Energizing a Forever Food Cycle in the Caribbean 


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