Our Supported Projects

Sandals Foundation is committed to preserving the environment; building stronger and healthier communities and supporting education within Bahamas.

PACE Programme

Providing access to continued education for teenage mothers

Conch Conservation

Educates the public on the role conch preservation plays to the country’s economic and environmental future

Technology in Schools

Supporting education by equipping local learning institutions with computers making learning more interactive


Our Program & Projects


Hurricane Relief

The Sandals Foundation has made a commitment to the entire Caribbean region to respond promptly to national emergencies caused by natural disasters.

The Foundation lobbies support from resort guests, trade partners, travel agents, suppliers and other organizations to bring relief to communities affected by disaster.

The Bahamas has suffered severe damage over the years as a result of hurricanes. In 2015 , Category 4 Hurricane Joaquin made landfall on Long Island causing significant damage. The Sandals Foundation initiated an extensive companywide campaign across all properties and corporate headquarters to assist with the islands’ recovery efforts.


Conch Conservation

Sandals Foundation partnered with Bahamas National Trust for a Conch Conservation campaign.

The conch fishery is culturally and economically important to the Bahamas; this conchservation campaign helped to promote sustainable fishing practices and was successful in increasing awareness about the conch industry.

Television and radio PSA’s were produced for educational purposes in rural communitiets, conservation themed placemats were placed in fast food and local restaurants as part of the efforts to lobby support and increase knowledge of the campaign and its objectives.


Gambier primary school

Since 2010, The Gambier Primary School, with a population of one hundred and five boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 11, has been an adopted school of Sandals Foundation.

The Foundation has actively been involved in the development of the students, staff and school facilities over the years including:

• Donation of school supplies
• Mentorship and literacy program for boys
• Dental cleaning for students
• Hosting of annual Christmas treats parties and toy distribution