Whitehouse marine sanctuary

Helping to restore local fish populations by creating a no take zone in which fish can breed and grow


A varying marine environment that includes sandy beach, sea grass, coral reefs and mangroves

Opened in January 2015 in the town of Whitehouse, the office acts as a community centre and base of operation for the Sanctuary wardens. Established within the community, the Wardens can work alongside the stakeholders securing sustainability.

The Wardens are also engaged in community and school outreach ensuring that more people understand the value of our Oceans and how they too can get involved in it’s care.

Fishing Village

The office offers a commercial freezer, run by solar panels and a wind turbine, to give local fisherman a place to store larger fish from deeper waters such as tuna, marlin and kingfish

The No Take Zone allows fish to breed and grow increasing the catch for fishermen and preserve the marine environment



Help perserve the environment and support the growth of fish populations, while providing sustainability for the livelihoods of local fishermen.