Coral conservation

Restores local reef systems which improve fish populations and in turn the livelihoods of thousands of people who depend on the fishing industry in local communities

About coral conservation

We have established three coral nurseries in Jamaica which will help to restore lost coral coverage

These coral nurseries contain fast growing corals known as Stag and Elk horn corals that act as habitat for fish and also can create barrier reefs to help protect shorelines from storm events and reduce coastal erosion. 

In September 2016 Over 700 pieces of coral were out planted from the Boscobel Coral Nursery to the surrounding area with a 90% success rate.

coral nurseries

The Sandals Foundation manages the Whitehouse and Boscobel Nurseries, established in partnership with the Coral Restoration Foundation

Boscobel Nursery was established in September 2016 and holds over 1000 pieces of coral

Bluefield’s Nursery was established in October 2014 which holds over 2000 pieces of coral

Whitehouse Nursery was established in January 2017 and holds over 1000 pieces of coral



The Sandals Foundation has partnered with Coral Restoration Foundation and CARIBSAVE to create two sustainable coral nurseries within Boscobel and Blue Fields Bay Fish Sanctuary. 

The nurseries raise awareness among tourists and are expected to produce approximately 1,000 pieces of coral each year.