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$1.8 Million facelift for Central Basic School

Jun 19 2014

June 19, 2014 – Unique Vacations Limited, in partnership with the Sandals Foundation, has pumped $1.8 million into upgrading the Central Basic School as part of their Adopt A School Initiative.

The organisations joined forces in September 2012 to officially adopt the school and upgrade the school’s infrastructure. Unique Vacations played a role in ensuring that the project was successful by initiating several fundraising activities.

“Over the years, the school has been in need of financial support and a major facelift,” said Esmine Peterkin, Principal of Central Basic School. “As such, we are grateful to the Sandals Foundation and Unique Vacations for their consistent efforts to renovate the school. Our students are now in clean and refurbished classrooms that are brightly painted and properly ventilated. They can learn and have fun in a comfortable manner.”

The renovation project included the removal and reconstruction of the roof, which was dilapidated due to years of weathering; the construction of a belt and gabling; the construction of windows; and repairs to doors. Old electrical wires were also removed and new electrical features installed, while the school received a fresh coat of paint.

“It is our duty to reach out to those in need, especially childhood institutions, to provide assistance, and facilitate positive change that will empower the youth,” said Garth Laird, Unique Vacations Limited’s Director. “A Unique Vacations/ Sandals Foundation partnership proved necessary as together, our financial support and technical expertise would ensure that the Central Basic School reaps positive benefits.”

Unique Vacations has previously partnered with the Sandals Foundation to carry out several other projects at Central Basic School. They include this year’s Labour Day project, a Christmas Toy Drive, and Supplemental Lunch Programme.

“The Sandals Foundation and Unique Vacations share a mutual vision where the development of schools and communities are concerned,” said Heidi Clarke, Director of Programmes for the Sandals Foundation. “Such a partnership has proved beneficial as we seek to give the greatest support to the basic school.”